Luft [luf:t] air,Swedish

We call our design philosophy Warm Minimalism and believe in helping our clients create environments that help them live well. We focus on the purity of good design, creating spaces that feel bright, modern, sophisticated and timeless without being pretentious. 

Courtney Trump – Principal Designer

After graduating with a degree in fine art, a love for travel, design and Europe took Courtney to London where she studied Interior Design at Chelsea College.

In London she immersed herself heavily into the design scene working beside such notable designers as Ashley & Allegra Hicks and Lynne Hunt London on projects ranging from luxury penthouses to private Fijian resorts.

Her time spent abroad and subsequent exposure to British, European and Scandinavian designers helped to shape her appreciation for clean minimal design along with a desire to convey it with a sense of warmth and history. Now at the helm of Luft Design, Courtney focuses on creating spaces that add value to her clients' lives and help them to live well. The focus is always on pure, comfortable design and the  curation of timeless pieces that will be kept for years to come.

The studios' services cover a vast range from complete renovations and build-outs to well curated interiors and custom furnishings. 

To incorporate Warm Minimalism into your own space explore her line of rare fiber textiles and hand woven rugs at www.fellsandes.com